Subscribe to National Forums

Members must subscribe to the state forums of the states they would like to receive notifications for. There is no limit to the number of states you subscribe to and you can change those subscriptions at any time yourself. The primary means of receiving mission & state information is via statewide email or by viewing the forums on the website.
  • Missions: Funeral & Memorial services, Veterans Welcome Homes, Send-offs and some types of Help on the Homefront (HOTH) missions.

  • General State Info: General info, Meet and Greets, Fundraisers, Veteran's Home visits, some types of Help on the Homefront (HOTH) events, some events run by non-PGR entities in support of active military, families or veterans.
    • Note Mission info is not posted in this forum.
To stay informed of events in Wisconsin, we suggest you log-in to the national web site and subscribe (opt-in) to either one or both of our forums, Missions & General State Info. To subscribe:

Steps to Subscribe to Notifications:

  • Visit our National website, login and update your subscription preferences.
  • For Missions:
    • For a walk through with screenshots, click here for Missions and/or here for General State Info
    • OR
    • Follow these steps
      • For Missions
        • Go to the "Missions" tab at the top, then "Upcoming Missions by State", or by clicking here
      • For General State Info
        • Go to the "PGR Forums" tab at the top, then "Mid-West - IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI", or by clicking here
      The rest of the steps are the same
      • Find the state that you would like notifications for
      • Click on the small green circle with a check in it. (Note: If you move your mouse over the icon, it will say 'Subscribe to this Forum")
      • On the Notification Type screen in the Control Panel, select the type notification you would like:
        • Through My Control Panel - Only receive notifications when you log into the site.
        • Instant Notification By Email - Receive an email any time a new mission is posted.
        • (Recommended) Daily Updates By Email - Receive one email a day with all new missions that have been posted.
        • Weekly Updates By Email - Receive one email a week with all new missions that have been posted.
To confirm you have successfully subscribed to the forum, go back on the "Missions" page and/or the "General State Info" page. You should see the subscription icon has changed from a green circle with a check mark to a black circle with a dash in it.

NOTE: Be sure to subscribe to the top level state forums so you see "all" notifications. If you go into a forum and subscribe to a specific topic, you will only receive notifications when someone posts to that specific topic.