New Member Information

Welcome to new members.  We are glad to have you.

PGR National

The Patriot Guard Riders, Inc is an international organization with just over 175,000 members, most in the continental US.  We are then divided into, and managed as, state units.  You join the PGR through the national website and then usually associate yourself with one state.  Some states have separated to create their own non-profit corporations, but Wisconsin is a registered agent of the National organization.  Each state may operate a little differently.

If you haven't joined yet, go to the National website at www.patriotguard.org, look on top-right of page, and click on "Login/Join". You MUST complete all *fields to be included in mailings. Completing the other fields is optional, but would be helpful. You must have Wisconsin listed under State (on this page), AND subscribe to State Mission Notifications (per below), or you will not get statewide e-mails. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the box for "Register".

Once you have joined through the National website www.patriotguard.org and you log-in, (I suggest you click the box for [  ] "Remember Me"), look near the top-right of the page for "Members" and "hover your mouse over" it, then click on "Subscribe to PGR Missions". Select the state(s) for which you would like to receive mission notifications (WI is grouped under "Mid-West Region"). This page is also used for PGR Store information, so if you don't want those e-mails there is a button to "opt-out" at the bottom of the page. When done with your selections, you MUST scroll to the bottom and click "Subscribe as shown".  

Now that you are registered, logged-in and signed-up to receive mission notifications, you can start exploring the website. A great resource is your State page and you can find the link in the very top right of the Home page, next to your name (or click here to go directly to the page). It has a number of informational guidelines and shows all the active missions in the state.

PGR WI State

We have a dedicated State website. The National site provides the most current information and is the official word on matters, but the State site serves the function of narrowing things down to include only items of interest in Wisconsin.

If you have registered with National, please also take just a moment to send me, SC@patriotguard-wi.org: your contact information, to include: last name, first name, username, e-mail, street address, city, state, zip, and phone.  We are attempting to keep backup information as our national database has been overwhelmed, it was designed for the lofty goal of 10,000 members, and we're at 175,000 and growing.

As far as finding missions, it's actually simple.  Listings here on our State site take you directly to the correct spot on the National site. Depending on the link you are clicking, you may need to sign into the National site to be taken to the correct information. Note - If you have any software that "cleans" your computer/web browser, or if you delete cookies, this login will get wiped out and you'll have to sign in (and click the box) again.

We also have a Facebook page. This is a "closed group", so you have to "ask to join" (near top of page, under header photo, click box "+Join Group"). This allows easier sharing of our information, especially for HOTH and Support Events. Mission notices will also be added, but they will not include specific details. That info "MUST" be accessed on National website (the links on the State website will take you there), or found in a statewide email to registered members.

And we have a Twitter page. This page is updated at the same time as our website, so don't expect notifications to be "posted" any faster. However, depending on how you use Twitter you could get Tweet's pushed out to you (via cell, SMS, RSS or your own Twitter page) so may end up "seeing" them sooner.

Lastly, we have a statewide email notification system, using "Constant Contact" (an independent e-Mail processing service). This was setup in the hopes of improving communications and getting mission notifications out in a more timely and reliable manner. This service will forward mission info from our State Captain, which may or may not be posted (yet) on the National website. All members are encouraged to signup (Opt-In) to receive these emails. If you are interested, please do so by filling in the requested info on this link.

Missions and Info

Emails are sent by both the National website and the State Captain, to everyone who has properly signed-up to receive them. They will generally be Mission info and updates, but occasionally include Events, Newsletters and miscellaneous info of interest in the state.

When a Mission is confirmed, notifications go like this (the order sometimes is different, but these things generally happen):

  • The State Captain will send an e-mail to everyone (who registered to receive it) in the state. This is advance info to notify you of a Mission that is pending National listing.
  • The State Webmaster will list the Mission on the State website and send out a "Tweet"
  • The National Webmaster will list the Mission on the National website and send an email to everyone (who registered to receive it) on the WI mailing list.

If you don't receive any e-mail within approx. 3 weeks of signing up, and/or stop seeing regular National and/or State emails, something is wrong. Please re-review the above registration and subscription instructions to make sure your settings are correct. If you need help, contact the National or State Webmaster or State Captain.


Many new members ask about our "ride schedule".  If you have read the Mission Statement on the National site, you will notice that we are essentially a service organization providing honor guards and escorts at the funerals of the fallen and providing other support for all active military and veterans as we have resources.  We do have a number of events that you will find on this website, from "Meet and Greet" gatherings to participation in other events like Air Shows or Veteran's recognition events, but we are not a "motorcycle club", so being in a van, car or truck is great.  We also have a definite need for support vehicles that can carry flags (we have extras in every region) and a cooler with water in the summer and eventually some simple tools and first aid kit.

Support vehicles - so many feel bad about "caging it" (driving a car, truck, or mini van). WE NEED YOU more than you know. We need a lot of people who would be willing to bring the extra flags and water and possible tools and first aid kits to a mission.