State Captain's Message

Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin
April 2021 Newsletter

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Thought I Forgot???
You haven't seen a quarterly letter for a while as we've been mighty quiet. The world is waking up so it's time we did too.

Let's Start With:
Remember, that information gained through being a member of this organization is confidential and is NOT to be used for personal use unless you have the expressed permission to do so. All State Captains have to sign original confidentiality agreements which are on file at National. For that reason, personal e-mails are not available through the member list and you are reminded that member's information is not to be shared or used for personal use without their permission. It goes without saying that anyone who releases ANY information about those for whom we stand, their family, friends, or others involved in the mission, will be immediately removed from a mission and the organization.

It's Not About Us
Ironically, the PGR store had a patch that said, "It's not about me" which draws attention to the wearer which indirectly says it is about them. They corrected that patch but I often see requests for posts on our Facebook page from a new person who is doing the standard Facebook, "Thanks for the add" or "I'm Chris, live in Smithville, ride a Super Cruiser 1,800, and I'm looking to ride with" etc. Our organization is one of the most supportive groups of Brothers and Sisters you will ever find but organizationally, it's not a social club. We don't "do rides" or have "club meetings". Come to LOTS of missions and, before and after, take time to make friends, go for coffee and talk about bikes and kids and dogs, etc.

Stay True to the Mission - Attendance and More
Attendance at Missions. Here's a simple request. EVERYONE Attend 2 missions this year for a few hours each. Bring someone.
That's 1,400 members + 1 friend = 2800 people
At 2 missions each / 100 missions a year = 56 people per mission.

And someone has to coordinate the whole mission...
There is a position than those of you who have been on the sidelines haven't seen yet, the toughest and most rewarding job in the organization - Ride Captain. Each Ride Captain is handpicked by me based on recommendations of those who have observed that member for a number of missions (10 to 12 total minimum). I hold these men and women to a high standard equal to those I trained for EMS roles - If I don't trust you with MY family, you're not good enough. If your behavior and attitude do not show the highest RESPECT for EVERYONE, please find another group to join. That means at a PGR event, you do not disrespect another member, branch of the service, other patriotic groups or even protestors.

That being said...
We desperately need about a dozen Ride Captains throughout the state, some to the east would be nice but many from Central Wisconsin to the Mississippi and from Ashland to Superior to Platteville to Janesville. We have 4 new RCs this year and it's taken us quite a while to convince them to take the job. That's an important concept; they showed the humbleness of servants and never said, "I'm good- make me a Ride Captain". If you find you truly want to serve those in their time of need, or know someone who does, please contact me. We have some great RCs right now but a few can't do all the work.

Other Events
Those of you who have done VA visits, Share the Warmth, and Operation Christmas Angel know that we have an amazing opportunity before us; we can appreciate those men and women who risked their lives to keep us free, while they are still with us!!!. I hope that soon we will be able to set up a number of programs where we can get into King VA (now in Green Bay), Chippewa Falls, and Union Grove and help our veterans, give them a fun evening, watch movies, play bingo, eat burgers or go bowling. PLEASE offer to do one thing for these folks this year.

The Word
We need to get the word out about who we are and what we can do. We have a LOT more potential and the good news is, missions are down. The bad news is, that's how most of you learned about us. If you know of a good media outlet (newspaper, radio or TV talk show, etc) that would like to do a little PR send me a note with the subject - Media for the PGR to SCREMOVE@patriotguard-wiREMOVE.org I also have PGR fliers you can post. Most bulletin boards get cleared every month so dont stick them all in one place AND remember, it's not just bike dealers. The post office and grocery stores are great places to get members. Drop me a note and I'll drop you a handful. Where we get interest, we will hold Meet and Greets around the state and you are all welcome!!

John Curran
State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin