More Info on how you can use Twitter

For those of you who Twitter and Tweet and all like that, we now maintain a Twitter site. You don't need to register for an account to see our posts, however if you want to receive our posts on your own Twitter page in real-time (as opposed to you manually having to visit our site) then you will want to register. It's free and easy.

People can "follow" us via one or more ways by:

From the I-net: http://twitter.com/PGRofWI
From your I-net enabled cell phone: http://m.twitter.com/PGRofWI
From your SMS (text message) enabled cell phone: text follow PGRofWI to 40404 - however you would need to have your own Twitter account - and standard text message rates may apply
If you'd like to keep up with our Twitter updates without signing up, or without even visiting the site, try subscribing to Twitter via RSS feed. Subscribe to our RSS feed at: https://twitrss.me/mobile_twitter_to_rss/?user=PGRofWI

** our Twitter page is updated at the same time as our webpage so don't expect notifications to be "posted" any faster - however, if you elect to use one of the above Twitter options, you could get Tweet's pushed out to you (via cell, SMS, RSS or your own Twitter page) so may end up "seeing" them sooner. **